The Post Office

The Post Office

A well known family in Drumchapel during the Victorian period was Mr.Andrew S. Goldie, his wife and family of six sons and two daughters. Mr. Goldie’s Grandson now lives in Blairdardie and is very proud of his grandfathers connection with the village of Drumchapel.

His grandfather opened the first shop in this district and to begin with it was a Stationary Newsagent and general store. There is a photocopy of a photograph of what the building looked like in the late 19th century.

It also shows the dress style of the period with regard to the two ladies and the little girl. After a time the post office section of the shop was opened, and Mr. Goldie became the first Postmaster had the honour of being the first janitor for the village school, built in 1902 and the first church officer to the church built in 1901.

He and his family catered for the needs of the villagers, each son taking it in turn to help in the shop and the post off ice. They lived in a stone semi- detached in Garscadden Road, later moving over to Louisville in Firdon Crescent, then known as Tennis Square. Two of their sons were killed in the 1914-18 war.

Mrs. Goldie was later given the honor, as the oldest inhabitant of the village, of naming Golf Drive, adjacent to Garscadden Road.


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