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The group meets regularly and new members are always welcome.

Copies of the History of Drumchapel are usually available from Drumchapel Library for around £4.00 or so. Please email us for current availability of the book via mail order.



  1. Very Interested in the photograph posted of Howgate aveneue in 1955. I was born at Robroyston Hospiital but my family had not long been allocated the house and taken up residence at no 16 far left bottom flat in 1956 and wondered who had the original photo and if it was possible to obtain a copy.

    Robert Stewart

  2. hi there first of all what a great page to drumchapel i see on a bebo page you have a fan following in your footsteps. im messaging you to settle a family arguement! i say the flyover at suntreath was built in the early 60’s and my family say it wasnt built until 1970 exactly can you confirm any of this squabble?

    much appreciated


  3. On page 50 of “The story of Drumchapel” there are 2 photos of St Pius Secondary.

    There are a few more on the Flicker facility “here”.

    Are there any more from the same source that you know of?

    Are prints available of any of these?

    Jim Scott

  4. Hello,

    I am a former pupil of St.Pius X Secondary School that was situated on 45 Cally Avenue, Drumchapel.

    I was one of the very last pupils ever to attend St.Pius and need some help in obtaining some things if possible?

    We are organising a school reunion for former pupils and teachers of what was a magnificent school and would really like to obtain a copy of the old school emblems/badges and photos for the following:

    St.Pius Primary

    St Pius Secondary

    St Sixtus Primary

    St Lawrences Primary

    Can you help? Would there also be a storage of any old memorabilia related to St.Pius Sec in particular?

    Can we get copies?…most importantly of the school logo’s?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  5. I am the Glasgow Doors Open Day coordinator. I am sure you are familiar with Doors Open Day – it is a national event that takes place every September, and Glasgow opens more buildings and has more associated events that anywhere else! However, there is a significant gap in our programme and that is north Glasgow and I am keen to rectify that. So I would very much appreciate speaking to someone about what could be included in this year’s event. My phone number is … …. ….. and my email address is rosie at gbpt dot org. Many thanks.

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