The Drumchapel Heritage Group was formed in November 1998 and had its first meeting in the Drumchapel Library.

The purpose of the Group was to try and get the Old Peel of Drumry restored. However this idea was shelved as Historic Scotland and the Archaeological Society advised that it would not be proper or legal as the foundations of the Old Peel although buried were still on site (Playground Drumry Primary School) and only some of the stones from the original building were available and were at present making up part of the rockery in the Garden of Rememberance behind St Mary`s Drumry Church.

Having decided that regardless of the rebuilding of the Peel, Drumchapel had a history worthy of our efforts, we decided to apply for a grant for a feasibility study for the building of a new Heritage Facility in Drumchapel.

The Social Inclusion Partnership in Drumchapel kindly assisted in providing a consultant to look into the possibility. The opinion was that we had to establish ourselves as a recognised organistation before building the centre. With this goal in mind our priorities were to advertise ourselves, enlarge our membership, form a constitution and apply for charitable status. Once done, we set ourselves three new targets:

1. To write the history of Drumchapel for printing in book form.
2. To organise a Heritage Trail and produce a brochure.
3. To organise exhibitions of Drumchapel`s History.

We have completed the Heritage trail and the brochure has been printed.

We have organised a number of successful exhibitions during the Glasgow City of Architecture year in the Drumchapel Shopping Centre, Drumchapel library and the Mitchell Library. Another exhibition on drawings of West Coast Steamships was held in the library in Byres Road in July 2004 for a month.

We have also engaged in a project with two of Drumchapel`s primary schools (Drumry and Langfaulds) in the building of a model Landscape of Drumchapel Prior to it becoming a housing scheme.

About Drumchapel

Drumchapel is a housing estate on the western boundary of Glasgow bordered by Clydebank, Bearsden and Knightswood. It has a population of around 16,500 people and is currently undergoing a major programme of works to replace the old 1950s housing stock (or “slums” to be more accurate) with modern council and private housing.

There is a website dedicated to all things Drumchapel run by the Digital Drumchapel Project which has more background information on the scheme.

The Heritage Group has compiled the information and dates as a accurate account of Drumchapel’s historic background for the benefit of all local residents, in particular the younger generation.

We are hopeful that ii the very near future we will be able to erect signs depicting the sites when buildings of historic interest once stood. It should be noted that the writing, research, photographs and drawn illustrations, is the sole work of Drumchapel residents in their own time.

We would also wish to record our thanks to the following for assisting in making the Heritage Trail Booklet Possible:-

* The National Heritage Lottery Awards for All – Financial Support
* The Drumchapel Community Forum Support Unit – Lottery Application
* The Glasgow City Council Land Services – Information
* The Glasgow City Council Culture and Leisure Services – Information
* Drumchapel and Mitchell Libraries – Information
* The Drumchapel Social Inclusion Partnership – Information
* Mr. Donald Robertson – 10 O’Clock Shop – Photographs and Information

Drumchapel Heritage Group is a Scottish Charity recognised by the Inland Revenue Charity No. SC 029181


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